AWISE 2022 Innovation Round Table

AWISE 2019 Breakout (Peter, John, Peter & Mary-Anne)

For the AWISE Innovation Round Table event this year, which is being hosted in Wodonga on Thursday 15th Sept we’ll be exploring not only Innovation but also Digital Literacy and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of the region in the next couple of years.

Through this process we’re aiming to build upon the great works of other organisations in the region like Startup Shakeup (See their 2022 Digital Inclusion report) as well as establish a clear understanding of what to bring to the AWISE 2023 program when it returns to a face to face format for the first time in over three years.

This year’s Innovation (& Digital Literacy) Round Table facilitators will be:

Annette Rose - NBN Local
Guy Rowson - Kumulus Group
John Menagh - Kumulus Group

AWISE 2022 Round Table Sponsors

The AWISE 2022 Innovation Round Table event has been made possible thanks to the support of the following sponsors.


AWISE (Albury-Wodonga Innovation Summit & EXPO) is an annual event hosted from Wodonga in North East Victoria to explore, celebrate, and learn about advancements in Innovation locally, nationally, and globally. In previous years we have run a full day event bringing together industry, business, and education institutions; however, due to the present lock downs and social distancing, we are planning to run the program over a series of webinars and workshops with a hybrid delivery model allowing where practical for face to face attendance but encouraging online attendance.

We are planning to use the AWISE Innovation Round Table to help shape the main Innovation Summit & EXPO program based on the broad principles for business of:

  • What should you be thinking about? (Strategic Innovation),
  • How could you be changing? (Technical Innovation), and
  • How would you actually do it? (Operational Innovation)

Popular topics in recent years have included the following:

  • Diversity & Digital Inclusion 
  • Connecting with your future customers
  • Microlearning and the Modern Workplace
  • Emerging Uses of AI in Business
  • Cyber Security for Business
  • The future of Robots in the Workplace
  • Introduction to 5G Technology for Business
  • Emerging opportunities in IoT
  • Running a Business in the Cloud
  • Leveraging Automation in your Business

If you have any queries the AWISE event please contact us on 02 6051 5600.

Would you like to participate in AWISE 2023 or other similar events as a speaker, exhibitor, or sponsor? If so, please get in touch and we’ll be pleased to keep you in the loop regarding upcoming opportunities to engage in the region.

AWISE is run annually to coincide with the Victorian Government’s Digital Innovation Festival (DIF). For more information about DIF and the other events running during the festival please visit the DIF Website