AWISE 2020

Reflect, Adapt, Thrive

AWISE 2020 Innovation Summit

This year at AWISE 2020 we are look at how through the use of Optimism and Innovation we can as a community Reflect, Adapt, and Thrive post 2019/2020 Bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns.

Due to the changing landscape of the lockdowns in Regional Victoria we deferred the start of our program from the traditional timeframe of early September to mid-October and are leading with an Online first approach to deliver; however, we are hopefully towards the end of the program that we’ll be able to deliver some face to face sessions.

Next Session - Wednesday 4th November

Emerging Opportunities in IoT

Smart Cities, Smart Utilities, Smart Agriculture, all part of the IoT of the future. Easy to say but how can we in practical terms start to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) in the workplace and society?

With the explosive growth of Internet of Things (IoT) uses and adoption, there are some great opportunities for businesses who join the IoT revolution early. Businesses that who manage to transform and empower themselves through the benefits of IoT could create undeniable competitive advantages.


Presenter: Tessa Ritchard – Head Of Business Development at NNN Co

Join us on Wednesday 4th November @ 10:30am to hear about the emerging opportunities in IoT.

Thanks to our sponsors this will be a FREE event. Please use the Social Media networks below to share with someone you think may be interested.

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What a great session we had on Wed 28th October on Microlearning. The full session recording is coming, meanwhile, find out what makes David Broadhurst & Prashil Singh Optimistic?

Mr. Victor Perton (The Optimist Man)

On Thursday 3rd September, as part of a launch for the AWISE 2020, “The Optimism Man” himself,  Victor Perton, lead a panel on a stimulating and uplifting look at how we can all spring into the new season, embrace optimism, and start innovating for a better future.


AWISE (Albury-Wodonga Innovation Summit & EXPO) is an annual event hosted from Wodonga in North East Victoria to explore, celebrate, and learn about
advancements in Innovation locally, nationally, and globally.

In previous years we have run a full day event bringing together industry, business, and education institutions; however, due to the present lock downs and social distancing, we are planning to run the program over a series of webinars and workshops throughout the months of October and December. 

AWISE 2020 Sponsors

The line up of AWISE 2020 events, speakers, and workshops has been made possible thanks to the support of the following sponsors.

2019 Innovation Summit

In 2019 the Innovation Summit & EXPO was rebranded to AWISE (or The Albury-Wodonga Innovation Summit & EXPO). The AWISE event was held at The Cube in Wodonga on Wednesday 4th September 2019.

Thanks to all the partners, sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, and of course attendees that made the 2019 event possible and a special thanks to Victor Perton (The Optimism Man) for providing his uplifting master of ceremonies services and asking us all….what makes you optimistic?

For more information on this year’s event check out the Event Wrap page.

The Optimism Man

In light of the COVID19 pandemic, we’re having the 2019 recap video remastered in preparation for our 2020 Virtual Summit.

2018 Innovation Summit

The 2018 Innovation Summit & EXPO was held in Wodonga on Friday 7th September 2018. The day comprised a workshop delivered by Google in the morning followed by an afternoon Innovation Summit which included presentations on Innovation in Energy, the Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality, Recruiting and Retaining Talent in the Modern Workforce and more.

Above is a brief recap video of the 2018 Innovation Summit & EXPO hosted in Wodonga on 7th September 2018

2017 Innovation Summit

The 2017 Innovation Summit & EXPO was held in Benalla on Thursday 31st August 2017. The day comprised a think tank of regional co-working followed by an afternoon workshop delivered by Google and an evening Innovation Summit which included presentations on Innovation in Energy, Building an Innovation Culture, Innovation Coworking, Retail Marketing, Digital Marketing and more.

Above is a brief recap video of the 2017 Innovation Summit & EXPO hosted in Benalla on 31st August 2017

If you have any queries the AWISE event please contact Regional Business Hubs or drop in to TheHUB Wodonga.

Would you like to participate in AWISE or other similar events as a speaker, exhibitor, or sponsor? If so, please get in touch and we’ll be pleased to keep you in the loop regarding upcoming opportunities to engage in the region.

AWISE is run annually to coincide with the Victorian Government’s Digital Innovation Festival (DIF). This year DIF will run from Friday 21st August to Saturday 5th September.

For more information about DIF and the other events running during the festival please visit the DIF Website

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